Katie Jane
Imaginative, Creative and Unstructured play



We are currently offering the following


Mum and baby yoga

Mummy and baby yoga is a great way to spend time and bond with baby.  With beautifully adapted classes to incorporate your baby, there's no nicer way to  relax and share the benefits of yoga together.

The benefits of mum and baby yoga may include aiding sleep, supporting digestion and emotional well being.

Classes incorporate music, singing and a safe space to meet other mum's 

These classes are suitable once you have had your 6 week check up and for suitable for little ones who are not yet walking.



Yoga and Meditation

As a mum i am a great believer of self care, with all the time we give to caring for our families, we often forget to look after ourselves! 

When i had my little one i was lucky enough to find a great yoga teacher to come to my house and i truly believe this had a massive impact on my emotional well being as a mum.  Even once a week, yoga a meditation can have such a positive influence on us.

We are also offering private prenatal yoga classes tailored for our mum’s with bumps. There are lots of benefits to starting yoga when you are pregnant

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Kids Yoga

I love working with kids in a fun, holistic and creative way.  Having worked as a school counselor for the past 5.5 years in Dubai I have a deeper appreciation for the importance of mindfulness, meditation, yoga and its benefits for children of all ages.