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Baby Signing Basics

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Baby Signing Basics

5 Week Block for 450 AED which includes materials

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The proven benefits of baby signing 

Upset, tears and tantrums disappear – babies and toddlers don’t need to cry to get what they need; older children can be clearly understood even if speech sounds are not yet fully developed.

 Reduces your child’s stress levels and the release of the stress hormone, cortisol (now linked to depression in later life) for children and parents.

Provides an easy way to communicate for little ones – both before speech begins and as it develops.

More complex language development, generally at an earlier age.

Helps you to distinguish what your little one actually means when speech begins, leading to more connection, empathy and understanding

Develops language and literacy skills which are at the heart of young children’s learning; children who communicate effectively learn more easily

More ‘peak experiences’ – memories to cherish and joyful, heartfelt moments enjoyed together.

Group Classes 

Signing together in a safe, supportive group gives you space to really connect with your little one.
Relaxed, informal and heaps of fun, we are the perfect way for small people and their grown ups to socialise. Connect with new friends and share the wonder – and worry – of your parenting journey. 
Classes are a gentle mix of signs, songs, rhymes, stories and communication tips.
Our sessions are underpinned by over a decade of research, include activities that are fun but that have a serious communication support goal and everything – songs, signs, bubbles and more! – is easily transferred to use at home.
Little Signers Club Dubai classes harness visual and verbal learning to create an exciting, accessible and dynamic experience for small people and their grown ups alike.

Private Classes

Signing with your family in the comfort of your own home at a time convenient to you.  These classes are tailor made to meet your requirements.  Prior to the class we will plan your session to ensure you learn not only the key signs but also the topics which will benefit your little human and your daily routine. 


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what you will learn

"What a wonderful gift to give a child.  It says i love you over and over again"

A fun, informative starter course to baby signing which has proven very popular for many thousands of families. Covering key topics and signs, each session of the Baby Signing Basics course is around 45 minutes long. This course gently guides you through your baby’s development, tips, what to do and what to look for as well as being great fun! By the time you finish, you will be confident in your ability to use simple signs with your baby, know exactly what to expect from your baby as they start to sign and take them through their signing day.

Over time, signing allows a child to share their thoughts and interests, much sooner – sometimes many months before – a child would be able to verbalise what was on their mind.  Baby signing results in calmer, more confident children who tend to have better language acquisition at an earlier age. 

It supports emerging speech and provides rich, joyful interactions for families to cherish – is it then any wonder that studies found that children who used babysigning were, on average, 12 IQ points ahead of their peers?



You will receive a signing sack at the end of your block including additional hand outs and song lyrics with signs throughout the class:

  • Signing Booklet

  • Song hand outs with signs

  • Communication development booklet

  • Talk Talk booklet

  • Parenting handouts

  • Book

  • Little Surprise

We’ve been going along to the sessions for four weeks now and it’s been a really good experience. Each class is very well structured, focusing on a different topic area each week (e.g. food and drink, going to the doctors, animals) and using songs, rhymes and stories to help cement the signs in your head and engage the little ones. Katie has really thought about the number of mums and tots allowed in each class, meaning that we’re in with a small group of likeminded people who all have babies around the same age as Maddie which has been great for socialising. The classes aren’t just for her – I’m learning a new skill which is encouraging me to use my brain (important when sometimes the most challenging thing you deal with on a daily basis as a stay at home mum is separating the whites from the coloreds for a wash”.

Mum of Maddy